It's pronounced Ah-reh-lee

Hi, I'm a recent graduate from Tufts University where I completed a Master's in Human Factors Engineering. My background in human centered design, creative arts, and mobile design make me a multi-faceted junior designer eager to help create inclusive and thoughtful experiences for all.

Some Things About Me

Courses and Skills

  • Fundamentals of Human Factors Engineering
  • UI/UX Design (Figma, Adobe XD, InVision)
  • Web Programming (HTML/CSS/Javascript)
  • 3D Modeling (AutoCAD/Inventor)
  • Experimental Psychology
  • Applied Statistics for Psychology (R, Excel)
  • Human Factors in Medical Technology
  • Human Factors in Product Development
  • Inventive Design
  • Industrial Design


  • Portraiture
  • Painting
  • Rollerskating!
  • Reading food reviews
  • Making things prettier (like signs, see below!)